Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coordinates 17 March 2011 04:52 UTC

(933) Рекордно низкиы переход за но4ь 35нм. Но мы неуклонно продвигаемся вперед

(933) Record-low transition of night 35 nm. But we are steadily moving forward

(933) Record baixa transição de 35 nm para a noite. Mas nós estamos constantemente a avançar

Got tears in my eyes when I read this entry.

If anyone can live up to the challenges of this expedition, it is our beloved bearded foursome - even if for the moment they seem to have parallel parked on the Atlantic.


  1. what is wing forecas at that area? or one more day under sun with out wind, not good for guys

  2. Hi Andrey - Buoyweather indicates 4 - 7 knots over the next few days. I hope they are writing their diaries, would like to know how they deal with the passive monster of "no wind".

  3. Anonymous17/3/11 10:41

    но4ь (no4')= ночь = night
    The Russian letter of "ч" is often designated in a transliteration as "4".

    With much respect!
    noctua, Nsk

  4. Thank you noctua - I'll fix it and look out for но4ь (no4') in future.

    Please let me know if you spot any other mistakes - I appreciate it very much and am learning all the time :)

  5. 4 to 7 knots it's not too bad, but what is direction?

  6. You can see the wind and wave direction in this post:

  7. Thanks! Looks good for them, look forward new inf