Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coordinates 16 March 2011 16:05 UTC

нет ветра солнце так жарко, что мозги плавятся

sem vento. sol tão quente que nossos cérebros estão derretendo


  1. Worst of all, when the heat and no wind, no beer, no girls, and this three guys all the time with you

  2. Anonymous16/3/11 19:47

    In the words of Robinson Crusoe - only the first five years shells on the shore does not look like a woman ..... Mbozo. :-)))))))

  3. All the guys should be sent to sea for a few months so that they can appreciate the girls more, don't you think? I'll tell Kulik to start building the trimarans ....


  4. To: Anonymous
    Better for you to public your nick as some one on the bort will kill you for shells contacts recall :)